Etobicoke Lakeshore Volleyball Club
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ELVC Volleyball Rules

Games are played with 6 players on the court, with a minimum of 4 players (min of 2 males & 2 females). If a team has only one female in attendance, the opposing team can waive this rule and allow the team with a deficiency to play with 4 males and one female on the court i.e. one player short. If the opposing team does not agree to forgive this rule, then the deficient team automatically receives a default score of 3 - 0. Any arrangements must be decided before the game commences. This rule cannot be waived during playoff games.
A team defaults if the team arrives 15 minutes late from the scheduled start time. The opposing team has the option of waiving the default and playing the match. This rule cannot be waived for playoff games.
Matches are 60 minutes in length. The team who wins the best 2 out of 3 games, wins the match.
All games are played to 25 points with rally point scoring (a point is scored on every serve) and must be won by 2 points. All games are capped at 27 points.
There are no referees, so teams are required to call their own violations.
If there is a dispute, captains from both teams must agree to replay the point.
A player may not block a serve but is allowed to volley the serve.
The serve is allowed to contact the net.
Open hand tips and directs are allowed.
Players may play the ball off any part of their body except their feet i.e. No kicking the ball!
Players may not touch the net at any time during play.
Players participating in Intermediate and Competitive levels should call their own net violations.
A player may touch but not completely cross over the center line with his/her foot.
If a player blocking touches the ball on the block, it is not counted as the first touch.
The blocker may play the ball off his/her own block.
The ceiling is out of bounds.